IPC Logo 9th International Penguin Congress
Cape Town, South Africa
5th - 9th September 2016


Congress Dinner

There will be a conference dinner one evening during IPC9. The cost of the dinner will be included in the registration.

Details of the location of the conference dinner will appear here in due course.


Public Event

We hope to organise a public event one evening during the congress. Full details will appear when they have been finalised.


Organised Trips

We hope to organise several trips for delegates both before and after the meeting.  

Possible trips include visits to penguin colonies at Boulders Beach and/or Stony Point; winery tours and birding trips around the Cape peninsula. 

Please note these trips are likely to incur an additional cost.


Contacting us

Please send all enquiries about the conference to enquiries@penguincongress.org. A member of the local organising committee will respond as soon as possible.

Yellow Fever Vaccination

An International law requires travellers crossing the borders of countries where yellow fever is endemic to have yellow fever vaccinations. After you've been vaccinated, you'll be issued with a yellow fever certificate.

The certificate only becomes valid 10 days after vaccination, and stays valid for 10 years.

If you've travelled in a yellow fever region, in the six days before you wish to visit South Africa, you'll have to show your yellow fever certificate when you enter the country.

Please note that if your plane lands in a country listed as yellow fever endemic, even if you do not disembark, you will still need a yellow fever vaccination certificate.

This is especially of importance for the South Americans as Argentina, Peru and Brazil are on the list of countries where Yellow Fever is endemic.

Yellow fever certificates

Chile is not but as all flights have transit stop overs in Argentina or Brazil going to South Africa, people from Chile will also need to have a valid yellow fever certificate! Otherwise they might also not be allowed to board the plane and miss the congress.