IPC Logo 9th International Penguin Congress
Cape Town, South Africa
5th - 9th September 2016


Congress Dinner

There will be a conference dinner one evening during IPC9. The cost of the dinner will be included in the registration.

Details of the location of the conference dinner will appear here in due course.


Public Event

We hope to organise a public event one evening during the congress. Full details will appear when they have been finalised.


Organised Trips

We hope to organise several trips for delegates both before and after the meeting.  

Possible trips include visits to penguin colonies at Boulders Beach and/or Stony Point; winery tours and birding trips around the Cape peninsula. 

Please note these trips are likely to incur an additional cost.


Contacting us

Please send all enquiries about the conference to enquiries@penguincongress.org. A member of the local organising committee will respond as soon as possible.


We have five Workshops on offer during IPC9, three will be on Tuesday 6 th Sept and two on Wednesday 7 th Sept. 
Please click on the links to see the abstracts for the individual workshops.
The workshops are as follows:

Tuesday 6 th Sept:

  1. Penguin Bycatch
  2. Multiple invasions of African penguins sparked a history of shifting fortunes
  3. Comparing penguin ecosystems and identify priority areas for conservation
Wednesday 7th September:
  1. Post-release monitoring of rehabilitated penguins after environmental emergencies
  2. Developing the tools to identify Ecologically or Biologically Significant Areas as precursors to the creation of marine protection and reserves of relevance to penguins – Part II

As you can see from the abstracts, these workshops are working sessions which have specific aims described in the abstracts. They are intended for delegates with specific expertise and knowledge in these areas who will make positive contributions to the workshops, rather than for a general audience. Please only sign up for workshops to which you can make a real contribution. We expect many delegates will not attend any of the workshops. 

In order to ensure we allocate sufficient space, please could you indicate which workshops you would like to attend. Send an email to enquiries@penguincongress.org by Friday 19 th August. If any workshops are oversubscribed the workshop organisers will need to prioritise which delegates may attend.